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  • What are the important dates for the school year?
    📆 2023-2024 Important Dates: 🍁 School year meet and greet: Wednesday, August 30th 📚 First day of Fall Semester: Monday, September 4th 🎃 Fall Break: Monday, October 30th & Tuesday October 31st 🦃 Thanksgiving Break: Monday, November 20th-Sunday, November 26 🎹 Winter Mini-Recitals: Sunday, December 3rd @ 2-5pm ⌛ Last Day of Fall Semester: Tuesday, December 19th ❄️ Winter Break: Weds, December 20th-Tuesday, January 2nd 🌸 First day of Spring Semester: Wednesday, January 3rd 🎹 Spring Recital Weekend: Friday-Sunday March 15/16/17 or Friday-Sunday April 19/20/21 TBD 🐣 Spring Break: Friday, March 29th-Sunday, April 7th 🎉 End of year family party: Saturday, 6/1 time TBD ⌛ Last day of Spring Semester: Friday, 6/7
  • What kind of instrument do I need?
    Piano: Piano students in all locations should aim for either an acoustic piano or an electric keyboard with 88 weighted keys, as this will prepare them best for playing on an acoustic instrument. Voice: All in-home voice students will need a keyboard with a minimum of 61 keys (preference 88 keys) for their weekly lessons. In-studio students do not strictly need a keyboard at home, but it is still useful for practice! Violin: Violins are available in a variety of sizes to suit your student's needs. We recommend getting properly sized and renting or buying your instrument from The Violin & Fiddle Shop in Pittsboro, NC. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the type of instrument your student needs!
  • Where can my lessons take place?
    We offer lessons in three locations, Monday through Friday between 2:30-8:30pm. Exact scheduling and locations will vary by instructor. @ Skylark Music School: 1129 Weaver Dairy Rd. #AF, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 @ In-Home*: In-home lessons available within a 6 mile radius of Skylark Music School @ Briar Chapel*: In-home lessons are also available to residents of the Briar Chapel Subdivision Your teachers will be in varying locations throughout the week, and you'll see them listed on their schedules using the @ descriptors above. *Extra fees apply for in-home lessons.
  • What times are currently available?
    To find out what times are currently available please visit: 2023-2024 Teaching Schedules. There is a tab with openings by teacher, and a tab with openings by instrument/location, so you can find the best fit! All openings will be filled first-come-first-served, and the link above will be updated regularly to reflect current availability.
  • What does it cost?
    Tuition is due as listed below, and covers a total of 34 weekly lessons at your regularly scheduled time throughout the school year. Breaks as listed on the official calendar in your Student Portal and teacher personal days have been pre-deducted from your lesson count for the year, and will not result in a change in payment due. All materials (sheet music, stickers, etc.), and recital fees are also included in your tuition. There is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $100, which will be automatically charged when your time slot is confirmed. *Partial and full need-based scholarships are available upon request.
  • How do I pay?
    At the end of your registration form, you will be asked to enter a credit or debit card for us to have on file. This card will be automatically charged for your registration fee upon schedule confirmation, and for all tuition payments thereafter. There are no fees associated with using your card, and all payment information is securely stored and not accessible by any member of our staff.
  • What happens when I miss a lesson?
    Your monthly tuition payment guarantees instructor availability at your student’s regularly scheduled lesson time for 34 lessons between September 4, 2023 and June 7, 2024. You may view our calendar to see scheduled days off at any time in your Student Portal. If you need to miss a lesson for any reason, we ask that you notice as soon as possible using our Cancellation Form. A link to this form will be provided in every lesson reminder, and it is also available anytime in your Student Portal. In the case of a missed lesson you may: Submit a video of your most recent practice assignment, due within 48 hours of your originally scheduled lesson, so your teacher can provide feedback and help prepare you for your next lesson. Ask for a “teacher’s choice” packet from your teacher for the day. This may include things to watch or listen to, musical enrichment activities, or other assignments. In-studio students only may switch to a Zoom lesson at their regularly scheduled time for any lesson cancelled with 24+ hours notice. This is not an option for in-home students, as your teacher will be traveling from one home to the next during your lesson time and will not be able to access the instruments/materials they need from the car. No-call no-show's are not eligible for any type of make-up. More than two such absences in a semester will result in potential dismissal from the studio. Two Free Bonus Lessons! In addition to our standard makeup options (synchronous Zoom, asynchronous video makeup, teacher's choice packet), we also encourage each student to take advantage of one free bonus lesson per semester. All students will assigned one free lesson credit at the beginning of each term that can be used any time your teacher has a cancellation or additional time available. All bonus lessons will take place in our studio at 1129 Weaver Dairy Rd. #AF, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, regardless of your weekly lesson location, and credits will expire at the end of each term. This is an extra benefit for our students. It is not intended as a substitute for all lessons missed due to student conflicts, and has no monetary/refund value if left unused.
  • What if my teacher has to miss a lesson?
    All lessons canceled by an instructor will be made up as soon as possible, with the exception of personal days as outlined below. It is the instructor’s responsibility to contact you regarding available make-up times and work with your schedule in this instance. Teacher Personal Days Each instructor is eligible to cancel one lesson per student per semester (Fall/Spring) without offering a make-up opportunity. These two personal days have already been accounted for in your yearly tuition, and will not result in a change in payment due. Instructors will communicate their desire to use a personal day cancelation in advance of your lesson, and personal days will not occur on either side of other scheduled breaks.
  • Our lesson time just isn't working - what can we do?
    Once our schedule has been set for the year, it can be very difficult for us to make adjustments, so we recommend choosing a time that you think will generally work, and taking advantage of our make-up options and bonus lessons to keep your student on track! If that just isn't possible, you may terminate your contract with 30-days notice at any time using a studio withdrawal form found in your Student Portal. You may choose to use the lessons in that month, or stop immediately. You are responsible for any tuition due within your final 30 days (eg. withdrawal on the 15th = 50% payment due for the upcoming month), unless you have found a student to take over your time slot and the switch has been approved by Skylark Music School. Your final balance for the last 30 days of your tuition will be automatically charged on the withdrawal notice date.
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